Patient Fertility Counselling

Fertility support at The Rotunda IVF Clinic is accessible to couples and individuals who may find the process of fertility treatment challenging. Sessions are optional and can support the individual and couple to gain insight into fertility issues they may be facing.

What is fertility support?

Prior to attending the clinic or when undergoing the treatment process, individuals and couples have generally gone through a range of thoughts and feelings relating to their experience. Fertility support aims to enhance couples and individuals’ experience of fertility treatment and support the person in resolving any difficulties that may hinder this.

Our patient support team

Rotunda IVF has an unrivalled Patient Support team of experienced counsellors, who support you throughout the highs and lows of your journey and focus on your main goal – creating a new life.

They help patients to deal with their practical and emotional worries – such as how to communicate with each other under pressure; how to manage work demands during treatment, or how to manage time and financial resources.

Every member of our team follows your progress right through your testing and treatment. We are there to answer questions and give you insights, whenever you need us.

Sometimes, the root cause of infertility can be psychological rather than physiological. A loss of interest in sex, or experiencing pain during intercourse is ways that this can manifest itself.

At Rotunda IVF, we have met with plenty of couples in this position. It takes commitment and openness to address these issues, but resolving them can lead to great reward for couples. Our counselling team is a great resource, with a wealth of experience and training to help guide couples through this time.

To find out more about fertility support available at Rotunda IVF please contact us.

Fertility treatment and mental health