31 July 2020

Why The Rotunda IVF Team Love Their Jobs

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At Rotunda IVF, we’re lucky to have a hardworking and passionate team who consistently go above and beyond for our patients. We spoke to some of the key players in our team to find out what motivates them and why they have dedicated their careers to helping patients create their families.

Fertility Counsellor, Helga Behan

Helga Behan

Fertility Counsellor, Helga Behan, guides our patients through the emotional side of their journeys. A key element of Helga’s role is mapping out all the available options for patients and helping them to make the right decision for them. She says that one of the most rewarding parts of her job is seeing patients leaving the counselling room feeling that their worries and concerns have been listened to. Helga also enjoys the patient focussed culture of Rotunda IVF and the general team spirit!

Fertility Nurse, Deirdre Ramkuan

Deirdre Rankuan

Deirdre Ramkaun joined the Rotunda IVF team in 2008 and has since become an integral part of the nursing team. Her role involves plenty of pregnancy scans and she describes seeing that first heartbeat as one of the most rewarding feelings. Seeing our IVF babies grow up is something everyone at Rotunda IVF really looks forward to and Deirdre is no exception as she relishes the chance to see ‘’the little miracles’’ when patients send in pictures of their babies as they grow up. Deirdre also loves her morning coffees with the team and the family atmosphere among the Rotunda IVF team!

Embryologist, Iulian Roman

Iulian Roman is an Embryologist with Rotunda IVF. As an embryologist Iulian’s job is to help create viable embryos for IVF and ICSI treatments. Iulian is dedicated to helping ensure our patients have the best chance of success and starts to plan his tasks for the day from the moment he wakes up! Luckily for Iulian his ‘’second family’’, a.k.a. our lab crew, share his focus, working together as a team to help bring happiness into our patients’ lives.

Fertility Nurse, Ruth O'Toole

Ruth O'Toole

Fertility Nurse, Ruth O’Toole, has been part of the Rotunda IVF team for 12 years, having originally started her career as a Registered Nurse and Midwife. Ruth made the move into fertility after becoming interested in reproductive health while working in the Rotunda Hospital operating theatre. Ruth appreciates the opportunity to counsel patients when needed and counts the opportunity to make her patients’ fertility journeys easier as one of the highlights of her role.

Patient Co-Ordinator, Natalie L'Estrange

Patient Co-Ordinator, Natalie L’Estrange, is responsible for arranging appointments and ensuring our patients’ fertility journeys run smoothly. With 10 years’ experience working on the patient co-ordinator team she counts it as a privilege to be able to go on such a personal journey with patients, saying ‘’I can honestly say nothing is more exciting than taking that first call when a patient confirms they have a positive pregnancy test’’. When we get that happy outcome Natalie is responsible for organising the patient’s pregnancy scans, with her describing the excitement of seeing someone leave the clinic with a scan of their baby as ‘’infectious’’.

The team at Rotunda IVF are passionate about fertility and would love to help you start or add to your family. If you think Rotunda IVF could be clinic for you, you can learn more about our services by contacting us.

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