4 June 2019

Mikey & Conleth’s Journey

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Mikey & Conleth
Mikey, Conleth and Felix
Mikey in the sitting room

Rotunda IVF are proud to support patients and our staff through their fertility journeys. There are so many different types of families out there, all full of love. During this Pride month, we want to support one of our own, Mikey O’Brien. Mikey is our Nurse Manager and he wants to share his story on how he started his family:


Our journey to becoming Dads was not an easy one but when our little miracle Felix was born; it made every appointment, blood test, prescription, side effect, negative pregnancy test and invoice worthwhile.

Felix was born on the 26th of March 2018 to two extremely excited, overjoyed and love-filled dads and one very courageous, extraordinary, wonderful mum.

Our journey started 5 years ago, over a pint! Conleth and I have been friends with Rhona for much longer than this. We were all quite content with our lives and where they were going. Everything had worked out for us. But with no uterus between the two of us and surrogacy being totally out of our financial reach we hadn’t really ever thought we would become parents. Then one evening the subject came up, as it does amongst friends and the idea of co-parenting a baby was suggested. What seemed like a crazy idea began to come to fruition when the subject seemed to come up more and more as the months passed by.

Once we had all started to research the possibility, and began to see success stories online, we knew we were all singing from the same sheet. There’s a lot of information out there so it did take some time to digest and plan!

The tests all seemed to go by in a blur of nervous excitement. Rhona played a blinder. Then the time came to start treatment and trying. After a year, when we had almost lost faith…on a Tuesday afternoon in August 2017, we saw that magical double line on our home pregnancy test. Saying we were shocked is an understatement! And now here we are with a 15 month old gorgeous baby boy.

Looking back on what was a tough year I would encourage fertility patients to have faith in your clinic, have faith in your fertility team and have faith in your treatment. Be good to yourself and to each other. Be open when you can, and don’t be afraid to vent. Pay attention when you’re able but don’t also be afraid to take some time out and let your head rest. Listen to the experts, and take on board what they say, and modify what you can gradually, don’t be too hard on yourself. Now there are some many options available especially for same sex couples- it is fantastic! No matter where you’re coming from, your clinic will suit your needs, and that is what you deserve.

We are absolutely, three of the lucky ones, not everyone graduates from their fertility clinic with a viable pregnancy. I can tell you now I still count every luck star in the sky for our son Felix but I can also say I will always think of the people embarking on a fertility journey and keep my fingers crossed that they too, will have the outcome that brings as much happiness as Felix has brought to us.

Rotunda IVF offers a supportive donor program to assist anyone in Ireland needing donor eggs and/or sperm to have a baby.

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