18 January 2014

Celebrating Irish Success

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The good news for those facing fertility challenges is that Irish IVF success rates are among the best in Europe. Studying results published by ESHRE (European Society of Reproduction and Embryology) we see that Irish pregnancy rates are consistently better than those available in Europe. Cork born and internationally trained Dr Carol Coughlan, a Consultant in Reproductive Medicine with Rotunda IVF based at the Rotunda Hospital, tells Tara Leigh what attracted her home.

Dr Coughlan trained as a sub specialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery in the UK under internationally renowned Professor William Ledger and Professor TC Li. During her specialist training, Dr Coughlan developed particular expertise in recurrent implantation failure and recurrent early pregnancy loss bringing these specialist skills and knowledge to Rotunda IVF on joining the team in August 2013.

“The opportunity to work with colleagues with international reputations such as Dr Edgar Mocanu, Dr Rishi Roopnarinesingh and our Principal Embryologist Ciara Hughes is what attracted me to Dublin,” she says.

“Rotunda IVF introduced IVF to Ireland 25 years ago and since establishment has demonstrated a consistent record of innovation being the first to introduce many developments in Reproductive Medicine to Ireland.

“Our team monitors all key international research and development trends in Reproductive Medicine to ensure we are providing couples with the best treatments available and achieving the best success rates.”

Rotunda IVF’s blastocyst programme achieves cumulative pregnancy rates of up to 70 percent per elective single embryo transfer for women in the 35-39 year old age group.

“I was enticed back to Ireland by the opportunity to work in a centre of excellence like Rotunda IVF which offers the best available infertility treatment options and achieves world class success rates,” insists Dr Coughlan.

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