Success rates

The pregnancy rates we routinely achieve

Our multi-disciplinary team, our research and the individualised treatment plans developed with your input, ensure that Rotunda IVF consistently achieves world-class success rates.

Pregnancy rates in excess of 49% per single cycle are routinely achieved, where a woman is below the age of 35. Pregnancy rates, for women under 40, rise to 70% over the course of two cycles.

However, not everyone that undergoes fertility treatment has a positive result. It is important for you to know that we are there to support and help you, no matter what the outcome of your tests and treatment.

Our Patient Support Team will guide you and support you through concerns, challenges and grief that you experience while undergoing fertility testing and treatment with us.

Remember that there are always options and that there will be highs and lows throughout your journey to having a family.

Rotunda IVF 2018 Success Rates

We are delighted to announce our 2018 success rates for fresh embryo transfers. 

2018 Fresh Transfers



35 -37